The Osbourne family get hit with another law suit...

Ozzy Osbourne is being sued for $20 million by two former band members who claim they haven’t been properly credited for songwriting contributions, and haven’t been paid for the use of their material on subsequent compilations or commercials.

Drummer Lee Kerslake and bassist Bob Daisley filed the suit against both Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Epic, Sony Music Entertainment and Blizzard Music, the Osbourne’s publishing company.

The lawsuit comes just weeks after Ozzy’s wife Sharon was served with a breach of contract suit by the Smashing Pumpkins when she left a management position after only three months on the job. That suit, which claims unspecified damages, as well as the return of a $150,000 advance, claims Sharon “reneged without notice or any warning on an agreement to manage the band”.

Sharon told US magazine Daily Variety: “It is unfortunate that Mr Corgan has turned a routine accounting matter into a lawsuit designed to attack my honesty and credibility. Obviously this just a sad attempt to keep me in his life a little longer because he misses me so much.”