The rock idols are all set to appear on a tribute album to the acclaimed Californian punk outfit...

Ozzy Osbourne, FRED DURST and COREY TAYLOR from SLIPKNOT are amongst the names set to appear on ‘STRAIT UP’, a tribute album to seminal Californian punk outfit SNOT, to be released in November.

Each of the stars on the record, which also include Max Cavalera, ex of Sepultura and now Soulfly and Jonathon Davis from Korn, have written their own lyrics to go along with music written by Snot frontman Lynn Strait shortly before his premature death in a car accident in 1998.

All profits from the release, due on November 5 through Immortal Recordings, will be donated to Strait’s widow and child.


Snot released only one album, 1997’s ‘Get Some’ through Geffen. Following the band’s demise, Mike Doling went on to join Calavero in Soulfly, while bassist John Fahnestock and drummer Jamie Miller became half of nascent hard rockers Amen.

The performers and tracklisting on ‘Strait Up’ are as follows: Serj Tankian, System of A Down‘Starlit Eyes’ Jonathon Davis, Korn‘Take it Back’ M.C.U.D., (HED) P.E.‘I Know Where You’re At’ Max Calavero, Soulfly‘Catch A Spirit’ Jason, R.K.L‘Until Next Time’ Brandon Boyd, Incubus‘Divided (An Argument For The Soul)’ Ozzy Osbourne‘Ozzy Speaks’ Lajon Witherspoon, Sevendust‘Angel’s Son’ Fred Durst, Limp Bizkit‘Forever’ B. Dez Farara, Coal Chamber‘Funeral Flights’ Corey Taylor, Slipknot‘Requiem’ Mark McGrath, Sugar Ray‘Reaching Out’ Snot‘Absent’ Lynn Strait‘Sad Air’ Interlude