Ozzy Osbourne: 9/11 attacks were ‘my kind of craziness’

Black Sabbath frontman claims terrorist atrocities made him 'excited'

Update: Ozzy Osbourne has since said that his quotes were “taken out of context” – click here to read.

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne has claimed the terrorist attacks on September 11 2001 made him feel excited and were “my kind of craziness”.

Osbourne revealed he was due to meet then-US President George W Bush in New York when the city was attacked, but that the destruction of the World Trade Centre‘s twin towers didn’t frighten him.


“I wasn’t scared, I was excited,” Osbourne told Shortlist. “It was my kind of craziness, y’know.”

Osbourne added: “I remember standing on the steps of the hotel. You know when you see an old cowboy film and tumbleweed rolls past on the ground? There were newspapers just floating around on the streets. It was so fucking weird. Everybody just backed off Manhattan because they didn’t know if it was an all-out thing or what.”

Despite his comments, Osbourne admitted to feeling worried about the threat of militant organization ISIS in Iraq. He said: “I think sooner or later one of these crazy fuckers is going to get a nuclear weapon and fuck a lot of people up.”

Osbourne added he eventually met President Bush, but that he’d drunk three bottles of wine before they had dinner. He said: “I was fucking shitfaced at that dinner. I’d had three bottles of wine before I went in there. Sharon was going fucking nuts at me.”

Black Sabbath recently revealed that they are to record one final album to follow 2013’s ’13’, with Rick Rubin likely to produce their farewell.