Ozzy Osbourne criticises politicians in the wake of Nelson Mandela’s death

Black Sabbath frontman calls for leaders to take more responsibility for their manifestos.

Ozzy Osbourne has criticised politicians using the recent death of Nelson Mandela to improve their own image.

Giving his only solo interview this year, Osbourne appears on the cover of the new issue of NME, which is on newsstands now or available digitally. In it, the Black Sabbath frontman reveals his thoughts on why politics and music should not mix.

Hitting out at politicians, Osbourne says: “I don’t touch politics. I leave that to Bono. He won’t be happy, now that his best mate Mandela has gone. But I’m not politically motivated. I sang songs about political situations, wars and that, but they’re all fucking liars if you ask me.”


He continues: “It’s sad that he’s gone because he was such a good hope guy for so many people. But it became the clique thing to be photographed with Mandela, you know? He seemed like a good guy but he was fucking 95, at the end of the day. I bet he was tired! I think entertainers should stay entertainers and politicians should stay liars. If you say you’ll do something and you can’t do it, you should get fired, because you got your job under false pretences, I think so anyway.”

Earlier this week, Osbourne, opened up about his recent drug and alcohol relapse which led to him temporarily separating from his wife Sharon Osbourne.

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