Osbourne slams reality television shows

Ozzy’s daughter says that she’s ‘not a fan’…

Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter has slammed reality television shows, saying that she is not a fan of the programme that transformed her family’s profile.

Aimee, who did not appear in the MTV series ‘The Osbournes’ has spoken out about her decision not to take part in the fly-on-the-wall documentary.

“I’m not a fan of reality TV shows, especially ones that include my own family,” she explained. “I was 16 at the time. Most 16-year-old girls aren’t particularly comfortable with their family so the thought of having everyone in the world see how they were was mortifying to me.”

Talking as part of an upcoming ITV documentary ‘Ozzy Osbourne: In My Life’, which is to be screened on the channel on September 17 at 9pm, Aimee added: “We’re a little bit unusual … Because of our lifestyle I was always insecure about how people would perceive that.”

Also in the programme, Ozzy’s wife Sharon recalls the time her husband tried to kill her, whilst battling drink and drugs.

She said: “There was a really bad atmosphere in the house, very hostile. I knew that something was going to happen. He went to bed. I was reading downstairs.

“He came down in his underpants, sat on the sofa right opposite me and said ‘We’ve come to a decision’. I was like yeah, sort of sarcastic, “What’s the decision?” and he said ‘We’re very sorry but you’re going to have to die. There’s no other option.”

Sharon added: “I said ‘Yeah, shut up, piss off, and before I got the piss off out, he jumped on me and his whole bodyweight was on top of me. He had his hands around my neck, he landed on top of me, I just kept thinking ‘The kids, the kids, you cannot do this, I’m not ready’.”

She managed to press a panic alarm in their home and Ozzy was later arrested and charged with making threats to kill after the event in 1989.

Sharon dropped the case and the former Black Sabbath singer went into rehab in a bid to beat his addictions.