Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne win tabloid lawsuit

The Sun apologises to the couple for wrongful accusations

British tabloid The Sun has agreed to pay damages to the Osbourne family for reporting that Sharon Osbourne was risking her husband Ozzy‘s life by working him too hard.

The Sun, which issued an apology and admitted that the report about famous rock couple was untrue, agreed to pay undisclosed damages and Osbourne‘s legal costs.

In an article that ran in October 2007, The Sun accused Sharon Osbourne “driving her frail husband Ozzy Osbourne to destruction” and working him “so hard she will kill him.”

The story also alleged that Sharon was putting her husband’s “life at risk by forcing him to perform a series of live shows when he was not well enough and that her motivation for doing so was to fund her exorbitant spending.”

The Osbourne‘s lawyer claimed that the allegations were “extremely distressing, hurtful and damaging.”

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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