Daughter Kelly says the star must be recovering from his bike crash - because "he has been complaining about the nurses"...

Ozzy Osbourne is now able to communicate with his family after his quad crash earlier this week.

The singer is currently unable to speak because of a tube in his mouth, though circulation in his left arm has been restored after a blood vessel was damaged by pressure from his broken collarbone.

Speaking to reporters, his daughter Kelly said that Ozzy Osbourne gave her the “thumbs up” from his bed.

She said: “He gave me the thumbs up and stuck his tongue out at me. He woke up today. He couldn’t talk because of the tube in his mouth but he was able to mouth words. He told us that he loved us. He has been complaining about the nurses so we know he’s all right. He was in a field and there was grass covering a hole and the bike went in the hole and fell on top of him.”

Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife Sharon has flown over from Los Angeles to be by his bedside..

As previously reported on NME.COM, Ozzy Osbourne broke eight ribs, his collarbone and cracked a vertebra in his neck when he crashed his quad-bike on his Buckinghamshire estate on Monday (December 8). He was taken to the nearby Wexham Park Hospital where he had emergency surgery to correct the collarbone and fix damaged blood vessels.