The Black Sabbath singer says the experience "completely fucked me up"...

Ozzy Osbourne has revealed how he was sexually abused as a child.

After a year of trauma for the Black Sabbath star and his family, he has explained how as a child growing up in Birmingham, he was molested by boys on the way home from school.

He told the Daily Mirror: “I was sexually abused when I was a kid. Two boys used wait for me to come home after school. Then they would fuck around with me. They didn’t fuck me but they messed about with me.”

“They would force me to drop my pants and all that shit. They felt me and touched me… and it was terrible. The first time it happened was in front of my sister and that affected me even more. It became a regular thing on the way home from school. It seemed to go on forever.”

He also hinted that the experience may have contributed to the problems he encountered with drink and drugs in later life: “I was afraid to tell my mother or father and it completely fucked me up. Dirty little secrets fester and that is one of the first things I said to my kids. When I was a kid, people did not talk about these things like they do now. You didn’t have chat shows talking about child molestation. It used to be The Woodentops and Bill And Ben. I worked it out with a therapist. But if you have a traumatic experience when you are young it does fuck you up. Sharon knows all about it and it was only with her that I could finally relax and be myself.”