Ozzy Osbourne and Post Malone team up again on new song ‘It’s A Raid’

The unlikely collaborators are at it again

Unlikely collaborators Ozzy Osbourne and Post Malone have teamed up again on a new song – listen to ‘It’s A Raid’ below.

The track appears on Osbourne’s new album ‘Ordinary Man’, which comes out tomorrow (February 21).

Also on the album is ‘Take What You Want’, Ozzy and Posty’s 2019 collaboration, taken from the latter’s ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ LP. Listen to ‘It’s A Raid’ below.


Back upon the release of ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’, Post Malone revealed how his Ozzy Osbourne collaboration on ‘Take What You Want’ came about.

“Ozzy Osbourne, baby,” Posty told Zane Lowe. “I was in Utah because I had just got off tour. It’s good, right? Ozzy went over to Watt’s house. You’ve talked a lot before. He’s a maniac. I said, ‘Hey, you know what? Ozzy Osborne’s coming down, we’re going to cut it and I’ll FaceTime you. And you let me know what’s going on.”

“I think he crushed it. I mean he was talking to Watt and Watt was telling me he was like this, ‘Yo, this is my favourite that I’ve done since you know, Sabbath and since I started my own, own way.’ I was like, ‘That’s huge.’ I’m like honoured. Thank you very much.”

Osbourne also revealed that the collaboration got him “off his arse” after suffering with ill health, though revealing that he’d “never even heard of [Malone]” before they linked up.


The Black Sabbath singer revealed earlier this year that he’s been battling Parkinson’s Disease since 2003, and cancelled a North American tour to undergo treatment for the disease.

Malone has previously backed Ozzy in his ongoing fight with the neurological condition, saying he will keep “kicking ass”.

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