Ozzy Osbourne has been recording new music while recovering from surgery

"I don’t think I can do a rock concert right now," he also admitted about the current state of his health

Ozzy Osbourne has revealed that he’s been recording new music while recovering from his recent neck surgery.

The Black Sabbath frontman has spoken this week about the recovery process he’s faced since he suffered a fall in his LA home in January which caused him to “re-injure his back, neck and shoulders”. The injury and subsequent surgery forced Osbourne to reschedule all of his 2019 live dates on the No More Tours 2 Tour for 2020.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about his recovery — in which he said that he “was in agony beyond anything I ever experienced before in my life” after the surgery – Osbourne said that he’d been recording music while recuperating to keep himself occupied.


Joking that the nine song ideas he’d so far recorded would end up on a solo album called ‘Recuperation’, Osbourne added: “The most depressing thing I’ve been thinking is, ‘Am I gonna walk properly again? Am I gonna be able to perform again?’

Ozzy Osbourne

“I thought, ‘Well, if I just lay there watching fucking World at War again, I’m not gonna fucking do anything.’ So do what you can, even if it’s a little, just so you’re doing stuff.”

Osbourne also said that he didn’t think he could perform right now (“I’ll go, ‘Hello,’ and that’s it”), but he’s hoping to be fit for the first rescheduled tour date in January.

“The progress is so fucking slow,” Osbourne said. “It’s like, come on. My date is January, I hope to fucking God, ’cause I’m gonna go fucking nuts. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed.”


Earlier this month, a genetic research professor who has studied Osbourne’s DNA claimed that the musician was “indeed a genetic mutant”.