“I’m not a serious f****ng singer”: Ozzy Osbourne says Black Sabbath stopped him from “having fun” on their farewell tour

"I'm looking to have fun, and that's what music's about for me".

Ozzy Osbourne has criticised his farewell tour with Black Sabbath once more, claiming the metal icons forbade him from having “fun” on their final ever string of shows.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the metal icon hit out at Tony Iommi and accused the guitarist of criticising him for talking over his live solos.

“It’s not allowed to have f—ing fun with Sabbath,” Ozzy claimed.

“It’s too serious. Tony was trying to have a go at me, saying, ‘Don’t f—ing talk over my solos.’ I go, ‘Okay, are you sure? ‘Cause most of the fucking song is solos. The intro to the song is fuckin’ five minutes and then I sing for about two seconds and then it’s another one.’ With my own think, I’m looking to have fun, and that’s what music’s about for me. I’m not a serious fucking singer. I’m just a front man who’s trying to get the crowd going in front.”

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne

The star also revealed that his hospitalisation last month arose from a staph infection that he picked up from doing a huge meet and greet session with fans.

“The doctor said to me, ‘Can you remember talking to someone and shaking hands?’” Ozzy recalled. “‘Well, I do that meet and greet at the gig and I must shake fucking 200 hands a day.’ He said, ‘That explains it.’”

Ozzy’s latest dig at Black Sabbath comes after he admitted that he didn’t have a “great time” on their farewell tour.

With them, I’m just a singer. With me, I get to do what I want to do. I was getting bad vibes from them for being Ozzy. I don’t know, what the fuck else can I be?”, he admitted in September. 

Meanwhile, Ozzy will return to the UK early next year for what is being billed as his final ever string of solo shows.