Ozzy Osbourne says he doesn’t have the “slightest interest” in a Black Sabbath reunion

"Not for me. It's done."

Ozzy Osbourne has said he has no interest in reuniting with Black Sabbath to play more shows in the future.

The heavy metal pioneers brought their legendary career to a close in 2017 with a string of homecoming shows in Birmingham, but there has been talk of the group potentially reuniting ever since.

However, Ozzy has now dismissed the idea after he was quizzed on recent comments made by guitarist Tony Iommi – who suggested he would still like the group to play live in the future.


“Not for me. It’s done. The only thing I do regret is not doing the last farewell show in Birmingham with [drummer] Bill Ward. I felt really bad about that,” Osbourne told Rolling Stone.

Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath
Ozzy Osbourne CREDIT: Getty Images

“It would have been so nice. I don’t know what the circumstances behind it were, but it would have been nice.

“I’ve talked to [Tony] a few times, but I don’t have any of the slightest interest in [doing another gig],” Ozzy continued. “Maybe Tony’s getting bored now.”

Osbourne’s dismissal comes after Iommi touted the idea of a reunion in an interview with SiriusXM’s Eddie Trunk earlier this year.

“I think that it would be good, if we could do that,” he said. “The hard thing is, certainly with Sabbath, because it’s such a big thing, you can’t just do an occasional show, because of the crew, and you have the whole setup. It would have to be a year or an 18-month tour… I’m not opposed to doing anything; I just would do it in a different way.”


While Osbourne remains in close contact with Iommi, he previously admitted to not enjoying their final string of shows in 2017.

“I’ve moved on,” he told The Times.

“I’ll tell you what it was like. It’s like when you’re younger and you met a girl, Susie, and you break up and you don’t see her for 30 years. Then she’s in town and you go, ‘Oh, I’ll give Susie a call,’ because your memory only remembers the good parts and you can narrow it then to a week and you go, ‘I remember that week and it was lovely.’

“But then you go back and you go, ‘I forgot the f***ing four and three-quarter years I was f***ing miserable.’”

Last month, Osbourne also revealed that he will never retire from music.

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