Ozzy Osbourne ‘will still tour’ despite the name of his “farewell tour” – ‘No More Tours 2’

"The tour should have been the Ozzy Osbourne 'Slowing Down Tour'" he said

Ozzy Osbourne has assured fans that he still plans to tour, despite the name of his “farewell tour,” No More Tours 2.

Osbourne, who turned 70 this month, says that the shows aren’t actually a farewell tour at all. “People have gotten that all wrong,” he said. “The tour should have been the Ozzy Osbourne ‘Slowing Down Tour’.”

Speaking to Pasadena Star-News, he continued: “What I’m actually doing is not going out on January 1 and coming back on December 31. I’ll still tour, but not as extensively like I have been for the last 50 years.


“I mean, I have grandchildren now and I’m 70 years old and I don’t want to be found dead in a hotel room somewhere. I’m going to do it at a more leisurely pace and do some shows in Vegas … but I’ll never stop.

“The whole lifestyle I have lived, it has all come down to the fact that there are people who want to hear me and as long as they want to hear me, I’m there.”

Meanwhile, the Black Sabbath frontman recently revealed that he no longer drinks or takes drugs in a new interview where he opens up about his drink and drug-taking past.

Speaking to the Orange County Register whilst promoting Ozzfest, an event he is due to headline on New Year’s Eve in California, Osbourne says “I don’t drink alcohol anymore…I don’t smoke tobacco. I don’t use drugs…I’m doing good right now.

“I now think, ‘how did I think going into a bar and getting smashed and doing all that cocaine was fun?”

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