Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter Aimee on her decision to not participate in ‘The Osbournes’

"It didn't really line up with what I saw my future as"

Ozzy Osbourne‘s eldest daughter Aimee has spoken of her decision to not take part in her family’s hit reality show, The Osbournes.

The MTV series, which starred Ozzy, his wife Sharon, and children Jack and Kelly, aired from 2002-2005 and paved the way for personality-driven reality TV shows.

Speaking to New York’s Q104.3 radio station, musician Aimee said: “To me, I’d grown up around having a pretty well-known dad anyway, and I always really valued my privacy within that family.


“For me personally, for who I am, as far as morally, and also just to give myself a chance to actually develop into a human being as opposed to just being remembered for being a teenager, it didn’t really line up with what I saw my future as.”

The Osbournes
The Osbournes in 2004. CREDIT: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Aimee went on to say that The Osbournes “definitely worked great for the rest of my family”, but explained she “just knew it was never something that I would have been able to consider realistically.”

The singer previously said that appearing on the show would have had a negative impact on her music career, “and I felt if I’d stayed with The Osbournes and done the whole thing, I would have been typecast right away.”

Last month, it was announced that the rock ‘n’ roll family would be reuniting onscreen for a paranormal reality show called The Osbournes Want To Believe. The series will see Jack attempting to convert his sceptic parents into “full-fledged paranormal believers.”


Meanwhile, Aimee Osbourne recently released her first new music in four years with ‘Shared Something With The Night’, which was released under her ARO moniker.

Speaking of her new material, she said: “I have been in a really great place creatively and personally which helps. I am forever interested and drawn to the unusual and love to combine genres. I definitely surprised myself with some of these new tracks.”