P Diddy loses $1 million to Rick Ross in dice game

Rapper lost the money during a high-stakes game of Craps

P Diddy lost $1million to Rick Ross in a dice game yesterday (September 14).

The rappers were playing a high-stakes game of Craps – a dice game where the players make wagers on the outcome of a roll – in a recording studio in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Diddy posted the moment he lost the $1 million to Ross on his Instagram, but appeared to shrug off the loss by captioning the short clip: “I just lost a million dollars. It ain’t nothin. #SuckMyDickBitch.” You can see the video below.


P Diddy recently launched a worldwide talent search. The rapper is looking for a presenter, aged between 13 and 25, to join his REVOLT TV channel, and has reportedly been personally evaluating the 15-second audition tapes submitted by prospective, young presenters.

The rapper’s online TV channel is set to launch next month (October) and he is keen to hire some of the freshest, new talent from across the globe. Those interested in applying should upload their short audition clip to Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube using the #iamrevolt hashtag before September 30. You can find more information here.