Puff Daddy loses Diddy title in UK

The rapper agrees to name change

Sean Combs has been forced to drop his Diddy title in the UK following a legal dispute.

The rapper has agreed to drop the name as part of an out-of court legal settlement with London based music producer Richard ‘Diddy’ Dearlove.

Combs, who was previously known as Puff Daddy, had used the name P Diddy since 2001 until he decided to change it to Diddy in 2005.


But following the name change, Dearlove filed a lawsuit for unfair competition, claiming the alteration had caused confusion, reports Billboard.

According to solicitors Jens Hills & Co the rapper has now agreed to “rebrand his commercial activities” in Britain and he will “no longer be able to trade in the UK as Diddy“.

Dearlove is best known for his 1990s dance remix of Blondie‘s 1980 UK Number One ‘Atomic’.