P Diddy loses ring and then frisks studio audience to find it

Hip-Hop mogul loses $20,000 ring whilst throwing money into the audience

P Diddy lost a $20,000 (£13,335) ring while he threw money into a studio audience.

The rapper then had the building shut down and no one was let out until they were searched for the missing piece of jewellery, the New York Post reports.

“A lot of people askin[g] about a ring I lost. Yes I did. And that’s OK. I lose things too. You win some you lose some. My loss is another’s gain,” Diddy wrote on his TwitterTwitter.com/IamDiddy.

He also added: “Its OK to lose things because it makes you appreciate what you still have! I didn’t like that ring any way! Lol lol let’s goooooo.”