P Diddy wants to work with Leona Lewis

The multi-millionaire lines up the 'X Factor' star for next album

P Diddy is planning to work with Leona Lewis on his next album.

The rapper explained that, following his pairing with Christina Aguilera on his last album, 2006’s ‘Press Play’, he wants Lewis to feature prominently on his next.

P Diddy, real name Sean Combs, told the Daily Mirror: “I want that girl on my next album. I’m a huge fan. Not only is she so, so beautiful, she has a great voice. She is extremely talented, and it’s great she’s from England.


“She has one of the best voices I’ve heard. I’m already thinking about my next album and definitely want to make it work, so she’s on it.

“I had Christina Aguilera on my last album, but it’s all about Leona Lewis on my next.”

Combs also explained more about his admiration for David Beckham and Lewis Hamilton, saying: “I would love to do a fashion range with David Beckham. Us two together doing business would be amazing.”

Referring to Hamilton, the rapper then said: “Lewis is the man! A true hero. He is going to teach me how to race, can you believe it? Honestly, if I was up against him I don’t know who would win. We’ll see.”