P Diddy angers online viewers

His new YouTube channel is not a hit

The launch of P Diddy’s YouTube channel Diddy TV has been met with severe opposition from the site’s online community.

Diddy TV’s association with Burger King is the main bone of contention, a move many see as paving the way for mass commercialisation of the video hosting site.

The Bad Boy Records’ head’s video post on Youtube.com launching the channel has received nearly two thousand comments from other YouTube users, with many of them being negative.


P Diddy’s remarks on the post, for example, claiming he has bought the YouTube channel despite the fact that all channels are available free of charge to anyone, has also resulted in a mass of parody videos.

On Monday, Burger King announced a long-term association between the rapper and themselves.

Speaking to MTV News, a spokesperson for the fast food chain said: “YouTube is all about free expression, and Burger King wants consumers to continue to ‘have it your way’.”

Many users are echoing the sentiments of users like nickv11763, who believes that Diddy TV is likely to lead to “seeing all kinds of ads before every YouTube video you watch…soon it will be like TV, and we will all have less freedom to post what we want to post.”

Video-hosting site YouTube was yesterday bought by Google for the equivalent of £883 million.