P Diddy attends goes back to school

The rapper has a message for the children of America

P Diddy has made a motivational speech at a high school in the US.

The rapper attended a session at Benjamin Franklin High School in Philadelphia on Monday (September 18) after being invited by the principal.

He urged youngsters at the school to take reponsibility for the rest of their lives, telling them: “This is a really important time for you all now. This is the time that is going to dictate your future.”


The star also spoke to some of the 750 pupils individually, appealing to them to stay in school and work hard.

P Diddy‘s message was part of the school’s anti-truancy campaign.

Principal Cristopher Johnson told the Philadelphia Inquirer: “We wanted someone whom they would sit down and listen to, someone who comes from the same type of background.

“To have a superstar come in to talk is extremely powerful.”