P Diddy launches new fragrance

Rap mogul unveils new scent

P Diddy has launched a new fragrance on in London.

The rapper’s new scent ’Unforgivable Woman’ is the follow up to its male counterpart ’Unforgivable’, which was launched in February 2006 and was a sales success.

In a statement, the new fragrance is described as “a breathtaking combination of creamy, floral, warm and luscious notes”.

Diddy said he wanted to emphasise the “pina colada” flavour of the smell. He said: “I think we all have an emotional connection to pina colada…I had this vision of a woman being on the beach and the Unforgivable man sees her – and the scent is just the way that feels, the heat of it.”

A video shown at the launch had the rap mogul frolicking with a couple of models.

In the clip he says: “This ad really gives you almost a fly on the wall view of something happening that is a little risqué.”

The scent will be launched in September, and can be purchased via [url=www.seanjohnfragrances.co.uk]Seanjohnfragrances.co.uk.