P Diddy flooded with job pleas

Rapper receives 10,000 applications for PA role

P Diddy has been flooded with applications to be his new personal assistant after the rapper advertised the role on MySpace.

Over 10,000 offers have come in over the last four days after the singer invited applicants to post three-minute videos of themselves on YouTube.

Speaking on his MySpace page he said: “Oh my God, what have I started? Earlier I put it out there to you the viewers, you the people that made me. A lot of people dream about getting into this industry and being somebody. Everybody needs a chance. Someone gave me a chance, that is what this whole thing is about, it’s about empowerment.

“This is not a joke, I’m trying to give a chance to somebody who is out there to be my personal assistant to help me to be the best and maybe I can help them to be the best. That’s what this thing is about, helping each other out.”

As previously reported on NME.COM, the singer posted a video of himself, inviting job seekers to apply for the role.