P1Harmony release third mini-album ‘Disharmony: Find Out’

‘Disharmony: Find Out’ is available on all streaming platforms

P1Harmony have released their much-anticipated third mini-album, ‘Disharmony: Find Out’.

The record was accompanied by a music video for the title track ‘Do It Like This’, which shows the group having dance parties in an abandoned parking lot and a museum. Notably, the music video features members from American dance crew The Lab. “Put ‘em up like this, don’t stop with all your might / Do it like this, don’t let go of my hand,” the group sings on the track’s chorus.


In a recent press conference for their album’s release, P1Harmony state that ‘Disharmony: Find Out’ will be the last addition to their ‘Disharmony’ album series. The record was the follow-up to ‘Disharmony: Break Out’ which was released in April last year and their debut album ‘Disharmony: Stand Out’.

Leader Keeho described the group’s latest record as one filled with the group’s confidence, reflecting the members’ matured vocal techniques and stronger stage presence. In addition, the album also features elements of P1Harmony’s metaverse concept.

Elsewhere in the press conference, Jiung shared how their future releases will build on their metaverse concept. “Keeho‘s ability is shown in our music video, and we plan to branch out our universe characteristics in our future albums and music as well,” the rapper elaborated, per The Korea Herald. “It’s a buildup to what we have done since our debut.”

When asked about their goals for ‘Disharmony: Find Out’, member Soul expressed his hopes for the record to perform well on music charts and programs. Intak, meanwhile, expressed his desire to meet fans in person after the pandemic affected K-pop concerts and other activities in the years past.

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