P1Harmony to perform upcoming single ‘Back Down’ for the first time on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

Their fifth mini-album ‘Harmony: Set In’ arrives next week

K-pop boyband P1Harmony will be making their first-ever appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show next week with a performance of their upcoming single ‘Back Down’.

On November 21, P1Harmony revealed that they will be appearing on the November 29 (local time) episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show to debut the performance of their upcoming single ‘Back Down’. The song will be released on November 30 at 6PM KST alongside their fifth mini-album ‘Harmony: Set In’.

“As a band, we worked hard on this new album to make a project our fans would enjoy while also exploring a new side of our musical journal,” shared P1Harmony leader Keeho in a press statement.


Meanwhile, rapper Intak, who helped pen ‘Back Down’ said: “Since we’re talking about friendship in this album series, I couldn’t help but think about my friends and loved ones. So I twisted the idea a bit: ‘If you’re not my friends, get out of my way.’ I thought it would be a fun way to say it!”

‘Harmony: Set In’ marks the second instalment of the boyband’s ongoing ‘Harmony’ series based around the theme of friendship, which kicked off in July with their fourth mini-album ‘Harmony: Zero In’ and its title track ‘Doom Du Doom’.

Earlier this year, the P1Harmony also teamed up with American singer-songwriter Pink Sweat$ on their track titled ‘Gotta Get Back’, shortly after the group covered the musician’s 2021 single ‘At My Worst. Pink Sweat$ had composed the song, while P1Harmony’s Intak and Jongseob helped pen its lyrics.

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