Donald Trump’s Europe/US travel ban puts several artists at risk of being stranded

It comes after the president ordered a Europe-to-US travel ban in a bid to combat the coronavirus crisis

Palaye Royale and Anna of the North are among the artists who say they are at risk of being stranded after Donald Trump ordered a Europe-to-US travel ban in a bid to combat the coronavirus crisis.

The extraordinary ban has been enforced by the US President in a bid to curb the outbreak of the virus, with travel restrictions being placed on travel to the US from 26 European countries. The order, which does not apply to the UK and Ireland, is expected to be in effect for at least 30 days.

While US citizens who have been screened before entering the country are exempt from the ban, it’s likely that, as a result of the order, many flights from the 26 European countries to the US will be cancelled after the order comes into force at midnight EDT (0400 GMT) tonight.


After news filtered through last night (March 11) about the travel ban, Palaye Royale subsequently informed their Instagram followers that they “have 36 hours to get on the plane or [be] stuck in Europe for 30 days with no shows to play due to Coronavirus.”


The band have also rescheduled their European tour — which was set to conclude in Moscow on March 27 — and told fans this afternoon (March 12) that they are currently rushing to Paris in a bid to catch a flight home to LA.


Elsewhere, Anna of the North took to Instagram to imply that she was stranded in the United States.

“Stranded in the USA wondering if that’s the best place to be when the world goes under,” the Norwegian singer-songwriter wrote on an image of herself on her Insta Story.

Her next post read: “Maybe i Can start a go found me. So i Can Get a private jet home,” which she followed up with a few name ideas for her Go Fund Me page: “#getAnnahome,” and “#Annaintheair.”

Anna of the North

Another artist affected by the coronavirus crisis is Torres, who has appealed for help from her fans after her European tour was hit by the outbreak.

Torres has asked her fans for help in getting her back to the US where she has a series of dates scheduled, kicking off in Seattle on March 31.

If you’re an artist who has been affected by the US travel ban due to coronavirus, please email with the subject line “US TRAVEL BAN NME”