The Great Escape: Pale Waves have been playing some banging new songs live, so we asked about them

Pale Waves are having some year. They dropped their debut EP, ‘All The Things I Never Said‘, conquered the US on their huge tour and turned in a pair of fantastic sets at The Great Escape. Before they played Vevo’s stage at Wagner Hall this weekend, we caught up with Heather Baron-Gracie to talk all things debut album.

What new songs are you dropping into the set?

We’ve got ‘Eighteen’ that’s recorded but not out there yet, and we’ve got ‘She’ and ‘Noises’.


Are you doing it to test yourselves or just see what they’re like with the fans?

I think it’s really good to play the songs live, because you instantly see the reaction on people’s faces and that can fuel such a great insight into if you should change your song. If it’s going in the right direction, what parts work, what parts don’t, and it encourages you to write similar songs to that as well.

You guys toured the US for a lot of this year, were you writing a lot during that time? 

We definitely were. We wrote quite a lot of the new material for the album in the US. To be honest, I have no preference as to where I’m writing the songs, as long as it’s a quiet room and there’s not a lot of distraction then I can write. If I’m in the back room writing, everyone knows not to enter. Everyone’s so precious over me, they knock to come in and everything. They know that I’m so zoned out when I write.

So do you not like to write with other people? 


Me and Ciara write together all the time, but if I’m on my acoustic she’ll just leave me to it, same with her, if she’s on a laptop and tells me that she needs some space then I’ll leave her to it. We both get precious, she gets precious of the music and I get precious over the song, sometimes we can clash but most of the time we’re fine.   

Was there anything that you saw or listened to whilst you were out there which inspired you?

Where you are and when you’re travelling around the world and seeing America and you’re going to LA and New York, it inspires you without you even knowing. So I do feel like being in that environment and travelling so much really encouraged me. I don’t really draw inspiration without knowing. At first I’m trying to figure out what I mean, and an hour later I realise why I wrote it. It’s quite bizarre the way that song writing works. I confuse myself all the time.

What is the Pale Waves tour bus like?

It can get pretty wild, not gonna lie. One night we got really bored and we invented this game where you had to make it from the back of the tour bus to the front without touching the floor. You should have seen some of the positions we were all getting in to, I was climbing on the shower. Hugo broke the fire exit, which our tour manager definitely wasn’t happy about, but we all made it I think. We should probably get a board game instead of messing the bus up, maybe Scrabble.

Are you in the finishing stages of the album?

Pretty much, last week was the first time I took a step back and thought that we’ve actually got an album. There are some parts that we’re still writing and we will definitely be recording right until the end. But I’m really happy at the stage that we’re at right now, I feel like it’s going really good.

Is there any new music or bands that you’re taking inspiration from?

I heard a new artist at South Bank called Morgan Saint, I love her, I think she’s amazing. Her song writing and her voice, I would love her to support us on the American Tour, that would be fantastic, I’m listening to her EP on repeat. I guess that is inspiring me because I can’t stop listening to it.

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