Palma Violets’ Chilli Jesson produces Public Access TV’s new single ‘In Love And Alone’ – watch

Bassist Jesson turned producer after touring with New York hopefuls

Rising New York band Public Access TV’s latest single ‘In Love And Alone’ was produced by Palma Violets bassist Chilli Jesson. Check out the track below.

The single was recorded by Jesson – pictured above along with Public Access TV frontman John Eatherly – this summer, shortly after Palma Violets completed a US tour with the New Yorkers. Speaking about producing the song, which marks the first time Jesson has been behind the mixing desk, the bassist said:

“I got involved because I was on the road with them [Public Access TV] for five weeks and realised what a great live band they were and their previous recordings seemed too safe and unemotional, basically 150 miles away from what I fell in love with initially. They were in London, I had a few days free so we went and recorded a load of songs with some help from our manager Milo Ross and what came out I thought was great.


“I loved being on the other side of the tape. I stayed up many late nights with John Leckie, who produced our last record [Danger In The Club] and learned a lot from him. The vibe was great. I like pressing the red talkback button.”

‘In Love And Alone’ received its first radio play from Zane Lowe on Beats 1, who played it twice in a row earlier this week. The song is part of a double A-side release from Public Access TV, the other song being a second Jesson-produced track called ‘Patti Peru’. Stream ‘In Love And Alone’ below:

Meanwhile, watch this fan-recorded video of Jesson and his Palma Violets bandmate Sam Fryer singing ‘In Love And Alone’ live with Public Access TV while on tour in Seattle back in June: