Palma Violets play secret gig at friend’s birthday party

Band preview four new songs at their local south London pub The Pineapple

Palma Violets played a secret gig in the early hours of this morning (March 30) at The Pineapple pub in Lambeth, south London.

Taking to the stage at 2am, the four-piece played an 11-song set as part of a friend’s birthday party. The band’s spokesperson told NME: “It was a very casual, short show, for a friend who used to work with the band.”

The show featured four untitled new songs, with Childhood singer Ben Romans-Hopcraft guesting on a cover of his band’s song ‘Blue Velvet’ before playing drums on a version of The Undertones’ ‘Teenage Kicks’. As well as versions of Palma Violets’ songs ‘Best Of Friends’, ‘Tom The Drum’, ‘Johnny Bagga Donuts’ and ‘Brand New Song’, they performed a cover of Wreckless Eric’s ‘Whole Wide World’. Palma Violets’ gear was loaded from their rehearsal space at Studio 180 to The Pineapple, for the band’s first show at the pub.


The Pineapple is near Studio 180, the former British Rail building where Palma Violets played their first shows. Studio 180 is also home to fellow Rough Trade band Childhood, and lent its name to Palma Violets’ 2013 debut album ‘180’. They played two new songs, ‘Goat Gang Go’ and ‘The Scandal’, on tour last year.

Bassist Chilli Jesson recently told NME they scrapped a fortnight’s worth of recording sessions because “I felt like we lost the element of youth.” Being made with Metallica producer Bob Rock, Jesson compared the album to “The change from ‘The Clash’ to ‘Give ‘Em Enough Rope’ – bigger, but with those youthful elements still there.”

Last week, Palma Violets announced a small-scale headline UK and Ireland tour, having played with Cat Power, The Cribs and The Orwells at Weezer Cruise in February. Jesson interviews Johnny Marr in this week’s NME as part of our Heroes special, which is on newsstands now. Revealing further details of Palma Violets’ own album, Jesson said: “We’re really experimenting with doing a lot more stuff on our own.”

Palma Violets will play:

Limerick Dolans (April 6)
Belfast Voddo (7)
Dublin Workmans Club (8)
Galway The Roisin Dubh (9)
Cork Cypress Avenue (11)
Inverness Ironworks (13)
Stornoway Woodlands Centre (14)
Aberdeen The Tunnels (15)
Dundee Beat Generator (16)
Stockton Georgian Theatre (17)