Left-wing writer Owen Jones to support Paloma Faith in London and Brighton

Jones said Faith is 'worried some of her fans are turning to UKIP'

Left-wing writer and activist Owen Jones has been announced as the support act for Paloma Faith‘s upcoming shows.

Faith reportedly asked Jones to speak before her performances in London and Brighton due to a fear that her fans may be planning to vote UKIP in the general election.

Jones, author of the books Chavs and The Establishment and a prominent socialist campaigner and commentator, said the singer got in touch with him to ask if he was interested in the gig. “We went for a coffee, and she was really nice. She’s politically engaged, politically interested. I guess she has fears about the rise of UKIP, and she’s worried some of her fans are turning to UKIP and she’s kind of interested in the old tradition, that used to be more commonplace in the ’70s and ’80s, of music and politics linking up,” he told Time Out.

Jones added that he would cover “stuff outside the mainstream news agenda” in his talk, which he said “tends to blame immigrants, unemployed people, public sector workers – rather than scrutinising the people at the top.”

The writer was also asked about his opinion on the lack of working class people in music, after a spat between James Blunt and Chris Bryant MP over privilege in the arts. “James Blunt’s reactions were just daft. He took something personally, which wasn’t actually intended to be personal at all,” Jones said. “Only seven percent of people go to private school: those people are over-represented in music now, as they are in lots of other areas of society. It’s a shame because I think music is a good way of getting stories across about working class lives.”

Paloma Faith has previously spoken out about her socialist ideals and said she wouldn’t allow David Cameron to come to one her shows. Last week, the singer also said that women in music are being ‘suppressed’ and questioned her lack of Brit Awards nominations. The singer won the Best Female award at this year’s ceremony.