Paloma Faith concert ‘ruined’ by Reading FC chairman Sir John Madejski

Millionaire said to have staggered onto the stage during performance

A Paloma Faith concert was interrupted earlier this week when millionaire Reading FC owner Sir John Madejski (pictured) walked onto the stage.

The London-born jazz-pop warbler was performing at the Waitrose Summer Party at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington when Madejski reportedly stormed the stage. He walked toward Faith with open arms before security stepped in to escort him away from the stage.

A member of the audience told The Sun: “When John first staggered up on stage nobody really knew who he was. He was wearing a similar suit to the security staff so they assumed he was one of them. It wasn’t until he approached Paloma and opened his arms as if he was trying to hug her that they sprang into action.”

The 72-year-old chairman was reportedly trying to help Faith by telling the crowd to be quiet, though his gesture caused security to react, grabbing him in front of a crowd that included Pippa Middleton, Phillip Schofield and Heston Blumenthal.

Faith said after the event: “It must’ve been all the free champagne. Thank God I’m from Hackney because I don’t fear anything. I didn’t flinch.”