Thousands sign petition urging ITV to replace Paloma Faith’s ‘awful’ Rugby World Cup theme song

Singer's 'World In Union' cover receiving numerous complaints

A petition calling for ITV to scrap Paloma Faith‘s cover of ‘World In Union’, which is the official theme song for this year’s Rugby World Cup.

‘World In Union’ is covered by a different singer or singers for each tournament, with Shirley Bassey and Bryn Terfel performing the 1999 theme.

With many fans criticising Faith’s rendition of the song, an online petition has been launched titled ‘Petition to remove Paloma Faith from the Rugby World Cup’.

The petition, which is directed at ITV Sport, reads, “Already sick of Paloma Faith’s awful rendition of “World In Union”? Worried that it might ruin your Rugby World Cup? Then sign this petition and let ITV know your thoughts!”

It urges fans to send a letter to ITV reading, “We, the undersigned, request that you, ITV, remove Paloma Faith from the Rugby World Cup in order to make it a more enjoyable experience for all spectators.”

Those who have signed the petition have described the theme as “truly awful” and “like having your ears grated with a cheese grater”. Faith has been accused of “murdering” the song.

The petition has so far attracted over 3,400 signatures (correct at the time of publishing).

Listen to Paloma Faith’s ‘World In Union’ below.