Paloma Faith slams Theresa May in new interview: “She’s made a shitshow of Brexit”

"Her career is over"

Paloma Faith has criticised Prime Minister Theresa May in a new interview, saying the PM has made “a shitshow” out of Brexit.

Speaking exclusively to The Independent, Faith said the PM should admit that her career is over and admit that leaving the EU is a “mistake”.

Faith said: “I think the most brilliant, courageous thing for her to do would be to realise her career’s over and be the guy that says ‘We’ve made a mistake, really sorry, it’s not possible. I’m going to implement a law that means this cannot be reversed within the next 10 years’…Then step down.


“It’d be the non-egotistical thing to do. At the moment she’s running the risk of her only legacy being that she made a shitshow of the situation.”

Paloma Faith – Credit: Gus Stewart / Getty

Faith went on say how “scared” she is about Brexit, not least because of her family background. Faith’s partner is French and her father is Spanish.

“Brexit is very personal to me because my partner is a French passport holder, and my dad is Spanish, and my mum’s English.”

Faith also told The Independent that she and her partner are applying for dual citizenship for their child and that she herself is trying to get dual citizenship with Spain.”


“I don’t know if it’s possible because we haven’t got a deal yet. It’s scary. But I feel optimistic about the new generation. Young people seem so much more clued up, and I’m hoping they’re going to save it all.”

In October, Faith was forced to issue a clarification about a comment the singer made about May was misinterpreted. Faith criticised the media future surrounding the coverage of May’s dancing when she appeared at the Conservative Party conference.

Faith wrote: “Regarding everyone misunderstanding my Theresa [May] stuff I would like to clarify that I do not think she is a good prime minister, I do not agree with brexit, I am not a conservative voter but I do think she is treated unfairly because of her gender.”

Earlier this year, Faith called out the lack of female performers at The BRIT awards and criticised the awards for the disparity between male and female artists at the event.

While speaking to The Mirror, Faith was asked if it was a good time to be a woman. She replied: “That’s what they keep telling us, but it looks like all men performing again except for one woman at the BRITs.”