Panda Express make donation to charity after being called out by The Killers

The band had previously demanded free orange chicken from the restaurant "for life" after finding one of their lyrics in a fortune cookie

Panda Express have made a donation to charity following the attention they received earlier this week after The Killers found one of their lyrics in a fortune cookie from the restaurant chain.

The US chain, which describes itself as ‘a fast, casual Chinese restaurant’, were called out by the Brandon Flowers-led four-piece on Sunday (January 8) after an unspecified member of the band discovered the lyric “smile like you mean it (taken from the 2004 Killers song of the same name) in one of the fortune cookies provided by Panda Express.

After initially demanding free orange chicken “for life” in a tweet directed at Panda Express – who responded with “When it comes to #OrangeChickenLove, we always mean it” – the band agreed to let the issue lie after the chain offered to make a donation to a charity of The Killers’ choice.

See the Twitter exchange below.

Speaking to The Las Vegas Review-Journal about the donation, Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci said he “loved the way it worked out… [we’re] now fervently working on a tweet deal with McDonald’s for that house in Tahoe.”

Meanwhile, the anticipated reissue of The Killers’ debut album ‘Hot Fuss’ – which featured ‘Smile Like You Mean It’ – on vinyl was officially released today. It has now sold out.