Panic At The Disco talk ‘Pretty. Odd’ follow-up

Band say they have written 'a bunch of songs'

Panic! At The Disco have spoken about the follow up to their recent album, ‘Pretty. Odd’.

Guitarist Ryan Ross said that the band have written some new songs already, despite the new album having only just come out a month ago.

He told Billboard: “We’ve written a bunch of songs since. We’ve probably got about nine or 10 new songs going right now, so I hope that after our tour and all that, we can do another record.”

He said that the new material “is picking up where we left off. Because (‘Pretty. Odd.’) was a lot different for a lot of reasons, I think we’re kind of finding something we’re drawn to, and the stuff so far definitely sounds harder to place to me. I’m not really exactly sure what it sounds like…I guess sometimes that’s a good thing.”

No release date for the new material has been set.