Panic! At The Disco scrap new album

Unreleased songs sounded like another band

Panic! At The Disco have scrapped their second album after recording a batch of songs they say are too weird.

The band told NME that the follow-up to 2006’s ’A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ sounded too much like another band.

Guitarist Ryan Ross said: “We’re taking a lot longer than we thought we would. It’s almost as if we were writing two records. We did almost an entire album and then started over, so at the moment we’re trying to catch up, but we’re all really happy with the songs right now and we’ll be done by February.”

Initially thinking they were making great progress, Panic! At The Disco wrote their first batch of songs at sessions in a hidden away cabin deep in the Nevada desert last summer.

Ross admits: “We lost our minds a little bit up there, it’s safe to say… We were totally cut off. It was kind of like therapy! It was a really good learning experience for us because some of those songs are really intricate – they were challenging to write, but I don’t know if it would have been the best thing for the band to release that record.”

Ross jokes: “We’ll probably end-up starting another band to play those songs. It was that different to what we’d done before. It was out there.”

The band finally decided to scrap the songs last summer.

Bassist Jon Walker said: “It was Summer Fest in Milwaukee at the beginning of July… we all sat down and talked about it.

“There was definitely a vibe when we came off tour playing the same songs (from the first album) for like two years, that, when we started writing, we started doing way different stuff. Then halfway through we realised it didn’t feel like us.”

Panic! At The Disco are now back at home in Las Vegas and working from scratch again.