Panic! At The Disco discuss new material

They call it “a modern fairytale”

Panic! At The Disco have started work on the follow up to ’A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’.

Guitarist Ryan Ross said hinted that the band’s next opus would be a concept album.

Ross said: “I guess you could say it’s going to be a bit of a concept record, because it’s based on an idea,” he said.” It’s taking place in a mixed reality, in a place that’s not real. It doesn’t take place in the future or the past or the present. It’s going to be more of a modern fairytale.


“We’re going to keep writing on the road, and around Christmas we’re going to take a week or two off and then get into it. Right now, we’re getting the lyrics and the story down.

“We’ve all been a bit more creative lately,” Ross said. “I know as far as I’m concerned, I’m getting really excited about writing, and I’m taking guitar and vocal lessons. We’re all just doing our homework for this..”

“Basically every band that blows up writes about how hard it is to be famous and rich and on tour and how all that still sucks, and I decided I wasn’t going to do that,” he told MTV.

“The best part for me, creatively, is how many people I’ve met thanks to all this, and how much I’ve seen. I’ve been studying people — a homeless guy in Scotland, a blind accordion player in London – And they’ve inspired the lyrics I’ve been writing.”

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