Did you bottle Panic! At The Disco?

If so, NME wants to know why?

NME is looking for the person responsible for throwing the bottle at Panic! At The Disco singer Brendon Urie at the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival (August 26).

Seconds into the band’s set at the festival the singer was struck in the face by a bottle, briefly knocking him out. He then recovered and continued the performance.

However, if you threw the missile then NME would like to hear from you!


We’re not looking to get anyone in trouble, but just want to talk to the thrower for an upcoming feature.

We’re also looking for the people who threw missiles at My Chemical Romance on Sunday in Reading, and any emo kids who’ve been abused or hurt just because of their clothes or music taste.

This is a serious look at the issue and we would appreciate your help, so please get in touch with us at features@nme.com.

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