Panic! At The Disco speak after bottling

Brendon Urie tells NME.COM about his eventful day

Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie has spoken about the bottling incident during his band’s set at the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival today (August 25).

As previously reported, the singer was struck in the face by a missile thrown from the crowd just seconds into his band’s appearence on the main stage.

Speaking to NME.COM, Urie revealed that the bottle had knocked him out cold.


“I’m doing alright now, I could be way worse, I could be dead,” he joked. “What I remember is I got hit, got knocked out, woke up and finished the set! I was out for a couple of seconds, I guess. Then we played some music, it was good. I’ve got a bruise, but looks good. It makes me look rugged and tough.”

The band were midway through ’The Only Difference Between Suicide Martyrdom Is Press Coverage’ when their singer was struck, but after Urie recovered they went straight back into the song at the point where they had suddenly stopped.

“When I got back up with just got on with,” said the singer. “I guess we were sending a message to whoever threw the bottle, you can’t stop us!”

Despite the eventful start, the band explained that their Carling Weekend: Reading appearance proved a career highlight.

“It was an awesome set other than the bottle,” said guitarist Ryan Ross. “It’s the most people we’ve ever played for, as far as I could see, people were interacting with us. It was great.”

The band also played a cover of Radiohead’s ’Karma Police’ and admitted they were surprised by the positive reaction.


“Playing Radiohead was fun,” said Urie. “It seems to go a little bit better over here. I like playing it, it’s good to open people eyes to bands we like and hopefully people enjoyed it.”

“Plus it’s good to play as well in case someone is stuck in the crowd and they hate our band,” joked Ross, “Maybe they’ll like at least one song.”

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