Ex- Panic! At The Disco bassist threatens to sue

Claims he deserves his ‘fair share’

Panic! At The Disco are on the verge of being sued by their former bassist Brent Wilson, according to reports.

As previously reported by NME.COM, the band split with Wilson in May after a “decision that was very tough to make,” according to a statement posted on Panic’s official website at the time.

Now according to MTV, Wilson and his lawyer sent his former Panic! bandmates a legal letter on Monday (August 7), stating that they have 14 days to pay Wilson the outstanding royalties he believes he’s owed from the sales from the band’s album ’A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’.


Wilson said: “Basically I want to get what I deserve – my fair percentage from the album. We sent them the letter as a way of saying; ‘Look, if you decide to give me the money I deserve – as it’s written out in the contract we drew up – then great. If not, well, we’re prepared to go to court’.”

“We started this whole thing, like, three days ago, and honestly, I don’t want my lawyer to be flooded with phone calls he wasn’t expecting. But I can promise you that he did send them a letter. We’re just preparing for everything that’s (occurring) right now, because I want all of this to happen the right way.”

Commenting on the statements made by the remaining Panic! member after the split which suggested Wilson did not play on ’A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ or write any of the bass parts, Wilson said:

“I don’t understand why they would say I didn’t play on the record. I was there everyday at the studio, and I wrote things and I showed Brendon (UriePanic! frontman) how to play certain sections. We had a contract that said that each member got paid individually, so legally I am due my 25 per cent from the record.”