Ex-Panic! bassist attacks former band

Split not as amicable as first claimed

Panic! At The Disco bassist Brent Wilson has sensationally claimed that he was sacked, rather than departing amicably as claimed by the band last month.

Wilson alleges he was sacked in a surprise phone call from drummer Spencer Smith the night before leaving for a gig in California.

The bassist told MTV: “We were about to start a tour where the band would’ve been bringing home around $300,000, or something like $50,000 apiece, and basically they kicked me out, so the question about money goes through my head a lot.”

The band have now lashed out against Wilson following his comments, claiming he did not play on their record, ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’, or write any of the bass parts.

Smith said: “We made the decision based on Brent‘s lack of responsibility and the fact that he wasn’t progressing musically with the band,” adding that: “We are basically breaking even with the amount of money it is costing us to put on the show that we want to put on.”

The emo gang had previously claimed that the split was mutual. They said last month: “It was a group decision, on all levels, and one we all came to together.”

The possibility of legal action from Wilson is yet to be decided on.