Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie opens up about battles with anxiety

'It's so painful I can't even describe'

Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie has opened up about his battles with anxiety, describing it as ‘so painful I can’t even describe’.

The ‘Death Of A Bachelor’ rock veteran revealed that he gets nervous when approaching people in public.

“If I saw someone that I admired, I would love to have that interaction,” Urie told Kerrang. “I never do, though, cause I’m an anxious fucker; but it’s really great to have that option.”


Elaborating on his anxiety, he continued: “If I’m in an elevator and too many people get on, I’m like ‘Holy shit, get me the fuck out of here!

“You would never tell on the surface but inside it’s so painful I can’t even describe… I start thinking of ways tot take myself out! I can go to festivals and open spaces, but if I’m in a crammed room with a bunch of people, oh my god…”

Adding that he’ll ‘flip out’ if he’s in the supermarket for more than 15 minutes, Urie continued: “It’s not even that there’s (too many) people there, I just get anxiety problems being in certain scenarios. Its probably ’cause I got lost at  grocery stores as a kid- I just wandered off a lot, and I think that just traumatised me, so I don’t like going to the grocery store for too long!”

For more information on handling anxiety and stress, visit here.

Meanwhile, this week sees Panic! At The Disco launch a pop-up store in London to coincide with their UK tour.


Panic! At The Disco’s UK tour dates are as follows:

Manchester, O2 Apollo (November 17)
Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena (November 18)
London, Alexandra Palace (November 19-20)

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