Terminally-ill teenage Pantera fan given chance to perform with Phil Anselmo – watch

Frontman helps 13 year old Peyton Arens' dream come true (July 30)

A terminally ill teenager got his last wish granted this last week when he got up on stage and performed with Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo.

Peyton Arens, 13, was diagnosed with a connective tissue cancer known as rhabdomyosarcoma earlier this year. His dying wish was to perform with Anselmo and he got his wish last week (July 30), when he joined the frontman with his new band The Illegals playing live in Tulsa, Arizona.

Arens, a keen guitarist, played Pantera’s ‘Walk’ with the band. Scroll up to see footage from the performance now. Writing about the moment on his blog, Anselmo explained that Arens “had a blast tearing it up” at the gig.

Posting a separate video on Instagram, Anselmo later added: “He’s a really great player and an awesome kid.” Pantera officially split up 2003. Since then Anselmo has released albums with different bands, including Down and Superjoint Ritual. Pantera fans were left shocked when, in 2004, the band’s former guitarist ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott was killed by a fan while performing on stage with his band Damageplan in Columbus, Ohio.

Phil Anselmo and Pantera guitarist Rex Brown recently reunited, joining Anthrax onstage at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards show. They duo performed ‘This Love’ and the intro to ‘Raining Blood’ as a tribute to Jeff Hanneman of Slayer, who died that day.