Pantera say they are ‘disgusted’ by vandalism of Dimebag Darrell’s grave

Monument of late guitarist was recently graffitied by unknown band

Pantera have responded to the unknown band who vandalised Dimebag Darrell’s grave, stating that they are “disgusted” by the incident and have reported it to the police.

The anonymous band vandalised Darrell’s grave a few months after the 10th anniversary of the guitarist’s death. They posted a photo of the crime onto social media under the handle crustyplague. “I HATE Pantera… with a passion,” an accompanying message read. “And so does the rest of my band. So on tour going through Texas we paid douchebag Darrell a visit, we spit on his grave, stole a pair of cowboy boots, and I wrote ‘FAG’ on his grave… I’m not a homphobe but I hope all the panturrra fans see this and shit themselves with anger… FUCK DIMEBAG, buncha racist hillbillies.”

Pantera have since shared a screengrab of the post on their official Facebook and revealed that the culprits also “spit on [Darrell’s] grave and stole a pair of cowboy boots that had been placed there previously. “We are absolutely disgusted by this!” The band wrote. “We ask that all of you please show Dime & his grave the respect he deserves. This conduct will not be tolerated and the authorities have been notified.”

Dimebag Darrell, real name Darrell Lance Abbott, was shot and killed by a gunman while on stage during a performance with his band Damageplan in December 2004, a year after Pantera split. Investigators later announced that the musician’s murder was not motivated by the break-up of his former band, of which he was a founding member.