Paolo Nutini ‘disappointed With US Tour’

Singer reveals that 'it's not been massive'

Paolo Nutini has just returned back from his tour of the US, but has admitted it didn’t quite go as well as he anticipated.

The Paisley singer who scored a Number One album earlier this year with ‘Sunny Side Up’, revealed how he’s not had the same levels of success in the States.

“It’s not been massive. It’s been steady,” Nutini told The Sun. “It’s not always easy. The tour has not been on the back of some massive record label campaign.”


Partly blaming the backing the album got from his label, Nutini explained how it compared to the release of his debut album 2006’s ‘These Streets’.

He said: “The label seem a lot more hesitant to put everything behind this as opposed to the last one. The recession perhaps has given them the hesitation.”

Nutini releases his next single ‘Pencil Full Of Lead’ on October 26.