Paolo Nutini hits out at Miley Cyrus for showing her vagina onstage, defends One Direction

The boyband should be allowed to smoke cannabis, the singer says

Paolo Nutini has hit out at Miley Cyrus’ sexualised stage show, saying that One Direction are better role models, despite recently being caught smoking what appeared to be a joint.

Speaking in this month’s Q magazine, the singer said he didn’t see a problem with two members of the boyband allegedly smoking a ‘joint’ in the back of a car, because they are better role models than Miley Cyrus.

“I saw a photo of Miley Cyrus with her leotard pulled up between the lips of her vagina,” Nutini said. “Is that all right? Is that fucking cool? And One Direction can’t have a joint? They’re the bad role models? Come on!”


Nutini then admitted that he has smoked weed “every day since I was about 16″ and said that he was happy to defend the drug. Can the world please get to grips with marijuana? How long can this go on? Don’t get me wrong – you can give it to the wrong person, marijuana can spawn all kinds of things – but no more so than alcohol.”

Paolo Nutini released his third album ‘Caustic Love’ in April this year. It was the follow-up to 2009’s ‘Sunny Side Up’ and 2006’s ‘These Streets’.