But singer Coby Dick tells NME.COM that he isn't going to be preaching...

COBY DICK has told NME.COM that PAPA ROACH have been writing “spiritual” new material while touring the US and Europe, and are looking forward to recording when their tour finally ends in November.

Speaking during a break in touring earlier this week, Dick half-joked: “We used to lock ourselves in a room and say, ‘We’re not coming out til this shit’s done’ [but] the writing process has been a lot more peaceful this time.

“The ideas are just flowing and flowing and I’ve been keeping this crazy diary with them all sketched in.”

Dick continued to say that none of the new songs are “set in stone”, but are “more skeletal sketches of what could become great songs”. He added: “I’m waiting until the tour finishes to fully exploit them!”

Asked if the new follow-up to last year’s hugely successful ‘Infest’ would include similar themes, Dick suggested the new record would be “a more spiritual one”.

“The themes will remain real-life people in real-life situations, but my feelings on Eastern philosophy will probably crop up in a few of the songs too,” he stated. “I don’t want to preach about it, but I’m finding a lot more spirituality within myself.”

Dick refused to comment any further, stressing: “Let’s just say I came to a lot of realisations about myself and my belief systems over the last few years.”