Papa Roach slam ‘two-faced’ record label on new single

Jacoby Shaddix also says new album may be dubstep influenced

Papa Roach have slammed their former record label Geffen/Interscope for supposedly being “two-faced”.

Speaking to, singer Jacoby Shaddix claimed that the label, which they left earlier this year, still owed them money.

“There’s a lot of two-faced shit in this business,” he said. “Geffen/Interscope pissed me off – it was a really bad ending with them.”

Shaddix also spoke more about how the label put out compilation album ‘…To Be Loved: The Best Of Papa Roach’ against their wishes. “We told them we didn’t want to do it because we were at completely the wrong point in our career,” he said. “They owe us a good chunk of money and they don’t want to give it to us. We’re like, ‘Fuck you, we’re done’.”

The band have now signed to the Eleven Seven label, which is also home to Motley Crue, Buckcherry and Drowning Pool.

Their fallout with their old label has inspired new single ‘Burn’, taken from ‘Time For Annihilation’, their first record for Eleven Seven. Listen to it by clicking on the video on the right.

The frontman also spoke of his new found love of dubstep and how it may influence the band’s new material. “I discovered the dubstep scene about a year ago,” he said. “We’re not going to turn into a dubstep group but we might use the groove.”

Papa Roach play the last date of their UK tour tonight (December 13) at the Nottingham Trent Arena with Disturbed and Buckcherry also on the bill.