Jacoby Shaddix prevented from leaping for a scene in group's new video...

PAPA ROACH singer JACOBY SHADDIX has been stopped from jumping off a bridge in SACRAMENTO for the band’s new video – because of a suicide at the same spot.

The band were filming the video for the single ‘Time And Time Again’, which is likely to be released in the UK on October 14.

According to MTV, Shaddix planned to perform a stunt, bungee jumping from the city’s Folsom Bridge. However, because of a previous suicide at the bridge, local officials said it was not appropriate.

Because no other bridges in the city were available, that section of the promo has been scrapped altogether.

The hometown video is said to show the band performing live on the bridge, with more and more fans arriving until the bridge is full, causing problems for the local police who try to shut the gig down.

The band have just been confirmed to support the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Australia and Asia in December.