Papa Roach share new track and footage from the studio

Band will release new album later this year

Papa Roach have shared a track from their forthcoming new album.

The as-yet-untitled LP will be the band’s 10th and first since 2015’s ‘F.E.A.R.’ You can listen to their new track ‘Help’ below.

Frontman Jacoby Shaddix recently revealed that rapping will feature heavily on the record.


He told Teamrock: “We like to say that the album itself is like if 2000’s ‘Infest’ had sex with 2004’s ‘Getting Away With Murder’ and they had a child, this would be the record.

“With a track like ‘Help’, that song kind of harkens back to ‘Scars’, but it’s a little bit more uptempo and upbeat that ‘Scars’ is. But it’s just a dark anthem, and I like that juxtaposition.

“We tapped into that on a track like ‘Scars’ back in the day, and we were, like, ‘All right. Let’s see if we wrote something in a major key again.’ We’ve done that with songs like ‘Lifeline’ in the past.”

He added: “It’s got a little element of some old school with some new school. And I’m just excited for everybody to hear the record in its entirety, because it takes you on a ride. I’m rapping on more than half the record, and then there’s tracks that are just all over the place.”


The album is currently available for pre-order directly through the band’s PledgeMusic page.

The band have also shared some footage from the studio which you can view below:

Shaddix previously joked that he once caught herpes from his uncle.

“My first kiss was when my uncle kissed me and he gave me herpes. It was terrible. Anybody else got herpes? Yeah, you do. Don’t lie to yourself. I know you got it, you watching this,” he added.