Papa Roach tease plans to mark 20th anniversary of classic album ‘Infest’

Frontman Jacoby Shaddix tells NME how record has influenced the likes of Bring Me The Horizon and Of Mice And Men

Papa Roach have teased plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their “iconic” second album ‘Infest’.

2000’s ‘Infest’ is the band’s best-selling album to date, having sold over seven million copies worldwide. It’s considered as one of the classic albums of the nu-metal genre, spawning singles like ‘Last Resort’ and ‘Between Angels and Insects’.

Speaking to NME recently, frontman Jacoby Shaddix indicated that his band are intent on marking the milestone in a few years time.

“For the 20th anniversary, yes, we actually have a few ideas that are going to be fucking awesome,” the singer said. “We’re about to start putting them to play here in the next year and a half.”

“I can’t let the cat out of the bag but it’s going to be bitching and we definitely want to celebrate that because it’s an iconic album,” Shaddix added. “I’m very grateful to have an album like that in our arsenal and the beauty of it is that we’re kind of having a full circle moment right now because there’s a lot of young bands coming out citing us as an early influence on them, and now we’re sharing the stage with those bands.”

“We’re befriending those guys, guys in bands like Of Mice And Men and Bring Me The Horizon. I was talking to Lee [Malia, BMTH guitarist] and he was like ‘You guys were one of the first shows I’ve ever been to, you were the first band that I ever crowdsurfed to.’ And shit like that I’m just like ‘That’s awesome!’. To know that our music was part of the fabric of their youth and what got them into rock and metal. We’re just grateful that we’re still here fucking killing it, and honestly it just feels like ‘Fuck, we’ve still got more years in us, I’m not done’.”

Papa Roach released their ninth album ‘Crooked Teeth’ last week (May 19).

Shaddix told NME of the new record: “I think that this album is a look to the past but also a progressive record, a foot in the past and a foot into the future.. It’s time to evolve and time to try new things because it seems like rock is fucking getting boring, and it felt like everything was so homogenised and if we work with the same old producers that everybody else is working with we’re going to end up with the same old drivel, and I’m tired of it and so we needed to switch this shit up, get that young blood.”

He added: “I just feel like some of the stuff that’s going on right now in the world and I don’t want to fucking sing about it, I’ve got to shout, I want to rap, I want to scream, I want to fucking be heard and so I think it was just all those parts kind of just pushed us into this new space of almost like a ‘Let’s introduce who the fuck we are to the people.’ And I think that attitude affected the music majorly and I think it’s gotten us to a space where we’re like ‘Fuck, this is who we are now.’ And it feels really good because it’s a pretty bold, adventurous rock record; it’s all over the place.”